I’ve been reading a series of posts by Steven Pressfield, and one from this week talked about the hero of his story and the hero’s muse being a cat. It’s a great read – here. With the muse (or the universe or your higher being or whatever you choose to call it) being the source of creativity, inspiration, etc, I’ve been thinking about the who or what in my life might be a representation of my muse.

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have any earth-shattering epiphanies about that yet. Perhaps it’s the dog and his excruciatingly high-pitched squeaky tennis ball he is repeatedly crushing with his jaws as he runs around my desk while I write this.

One thing I know it is NOT… social media. This week I deep sixed my personal social media account. To do this meant sacrificing some visibitlity of these posts and info about the books because most of those friends and family on social media weren’t otherwise linked to the books’ website or fb page. Honestly that was the only reason I had the personal page in the first place.

I began noticing over the last few weeks odd things happening on my personal account that I did not appreaciate occuring by means of said social media tapping into my phone contacts and such, so I terminated the account. It’s been a rather freeing experience. I was never one to spend all my time perusing media feeds, but I certainly spent more time wasting on it than I should, especially when the time could be better spent writing.

With that distraction gone, I’m thrilled. I think by eliminating that distraction, I may have opened up another gateway of creativity. This morning a new story idea landed in my head, which is great timing since the final book of the Burnt Mountain series is written and close to being released (I know I keep saying that….sorry! Still waiting for the final book cover files to be sent to me. New cover artist = amazing work but not wicked fast).

So with a new potential story in play for a new hero, new setting, and new bad guys, I have a new project to work on in the additional free time I created by eliminating personal social media. 🙂

Image from sxc.hu