While not intentionally trying to stretch out more days between posts, that does seem to be the trend. Maine still continues to provide some great weather this summer with a little time to relax. Plus my regular work/travel schedule went a bit off the rocker in the last few weeks thus producing a higher than usual energy drain. Couple that with regular ole life and time zips right by.

Back in May I had the pleasure of meeting the absurdly photogenic pup pictured above. He belongs to my cousin, and his name is Zeus. He is both a sweetie and a terror….which is much like writing.

If you’re in the process of writing a book, looking at the task with the thought of “How the hell and I’m going to go from this blank page to a finished novel in my lifetime?” is terrifying. Crippling even. But if you change gears to instead view the task as not a task at all but a journey that will blow the doors off any preconceived idea you had about writing a book, then get ready to soar.

I’m not saying every time I sit to write amazing things hit the page. In fact there are days pure crap hits the page. I’m doing some editing now, and sometimes I just have to chuckle. A paragraph is so poorly organized or I included some odd dialogue or just went on a rant when typing and even confused myself which character was doing what. But this is what the writing process is about. Writing is one phase. Editing is another. While writing, it’s OK to just write your guts out. Editing is a different job in the process. That’s when you start tidying up the guts.

Take a close look at Zeus. That boy is trouble waiting to happen, but if you meet him in person, you will not be able to resist smiling and saying hello (or if you’re like me, plant a big kiss on his rabble-rousing head). Take another look at that book you want to write or have already started. Perhaps it’s time to reacquaint yourself with your blank pages, smile, say “Hello,” and get cracking.


Photo by me, May 2015.