1-7-2014 7-31-57 PM

I follow a few different blogs, and a lot of them are posting their top viewed posts of 2013. So to follow suit, I’m playing copycat, sorta. I’m keeping my list much shorter.

Since I started blogging halfway into 2013, tossed in some book reviews as posts, and finally figured out how to get my posts to auto post to facebook, blogging has been more of an experiment in some ways. The data I’m pulling is off the Burnt Mountain fb page stats.

Most popular was One in the Chamber Wins Award post, posted Dec 26.

Second place post was More on the Award, posted Dec 30.

Third place post, and I find this very interesting given the time gap, was my first post for the website on July 10 titled In the Beginning.

As I said, I’d keep the list short. No need to hash through the rankings for all 29 posts I submitted for 2013.

For this year, I will continue to post once a week, possibly more as I get books read or have book release updates.

I do appreciate all who follow the posts whether through email distribution or on fb. I have one request; if you have read either or both books, please hop on to Amazon or your desired site for ordering books and do a review. I would greatly appreciate your time to do this for me, and it’s ok to be honest.

The reviews help my rankings in the Amazon algorithms/data gathering they do. If they have a book getting good reviews, it is in their interest to promote it from within, and this in turn gives me access to marketing and visibility that I cannot achieve on my own. 

I know we’re all busy and short on time for this and that, but I DO appreciate you taking the time to read my posts, leave comments, etc.