1-15-2014 7-32-11 PM
Through the Fog is by Joel D Canfield. The main character has lost his memory, and that’s where the story begins. It starts off in the States then switches to Ireland where the bulk of the story happens. Having made a couple of trips to Ireland, I enjoyed reading about some places in the story that I’d visited. You stay on a quick pace with the hero as he tries to figure out friend from foe.
Overall this is a really fun story. I don’t normally like first person books, but I did like this one. I wasn’t sure how the whole amnesia thing would play out, but being inside the head of a character that lost his memory was quite fun. Often I found myself chuckling at some of the things he thought about while in the middle of a crisis. The reason I found humor in these things was because this is exactly the kind of thought wandering I would do when I should be focusing on more pressing matters at hand.
I recommend this to anyone to read. No swearing. No sex. No graphic violence. I’d give it a G rating. Don’t mistake that G rating for being boring though, because this is an entertaining read. Enjoy!