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Three Months in a Flash

Apparently three months have passed since my last post. I truly did’t know that had happened and where those three months went, but as I look back over my calendar, I can start to see where/how things turned into a blur.


Plague. Quarantine. (Yes, I wear a mask in public). Work. Interior formatting finished for Echoes of Darkness. Started setting up Echoes of Darkness on IngramSpark. Learned the hard way the difference between Library of Congress Control Number and US Copyright (I needed an LCCN and somehow landed on the copyright site and applied for one of those instead. Got the LCCN too once the error was found. Now I know!)


Plague, masks, and quarantine continued. Work. Murder hornets (I think these guys were May. Might have been April. Don’t know. Don’t care. Plot hole – they disappeared from the 2020 dystopian sci fi apocalyptic shit show (for now)). Finalized cover art for Echoes of Darkness. Finalized set up for IngramSpark to order and receive ARCs. YAY!

May continued: Started packing to move out of my Augusta apartment to go nomadic again. Some writing here and there.


Plague and quarantine continues (no shocker there). Still wearing a mask in public. Work. I got a haircut (much needed since I was turning into a woolly mammoth and happily wore a mask to get it done)! Finished packing up my apartment and threw everything except bare bones into storage again. Met a neighbor my last couple of days in Augusta and made a new long-term friend and soccer fan buddy. I even told him I was fairly miffed that we just met and I was leaving. He is from Ghana and is a wonderful young man! We’ll certainly cross paths again. He said he and his roomies called me The Ghost Neighbor since they never knew if I really lived there or not in the unit next to them. It was both hilarious and true. I was rarely there.

June continued:

Black Lives Matter exploded onto the scene globally and I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me to see the world uniting though the reasons and circumstances are so tragic and have been tragic for so long. I’m glad some police reforms are happening finally. I have friends that are police officers. I can tell you that they would NOT be my friends if they were shit heads like the ones in the news killing people. (No, I’m not an officer. Never have been. Never will be. No, I don’t know what their jobs are like. But I can tell you this: I worked as an ICU and ED nurse for ten years. Us having to restrain patients at times for our and their safety was common. I can tell you that I and my coworkers NEVER placed a choke hold on a patient. We NEVER restrained them to the point of unconsciousness or death. If you think working in the hospital means it is a safe place to work, do give it a try and have that thought process crushed into oblivion. Does hospital work equate to police work? No. But there are clearly right and wrong ways to restrain someone).

Bangor Maine Police Department. Want to see how a PD operates within their community to foster a relationship with that community that makes them not just loved by the locals but loved world wide? Check them out and their fb page. Bangor, ME has around 33K residents. The Bangor PD fb page has 310+K followers. Yes, you read those numbers right. This is me last fall at the PD with the Duck of Justice (DoJ). Yes, they have a duck. It’s very popular.

If you think that my support of BLM means I hate the police, well, you don’t know me at all and you are wrong. Save the whales doesn’t mean fuck all the other fish. Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean everyone else can piss off. It just doesn’t. If you’re pissed by my support of BLM, it is your right to feel however you want. And please feel free to unsubscribe/unfollow/un-whatever for us to part ways if you want. I’m okay with that.

June continued (holy crap June has been busy!):

ARCs started shipping out, and I have more to get in the mail soon. All online retail outlets have Echoes of Darkness ebook and print ready for pre-order. YAY!

I got a puppy.

This is Rowdy. He is the cutest, snuggliest Boxer pup you’d ever want to meet … until he is tired and needs a nap. Then he turns into a land shark/piranha-needle teethed-demon dog from hell. I’ve had him for two weeks. I’m sleep deprived. He is not. Writing time has taken a sharp down-turn in volume. Sigh.


The plague will continue. I will continue to wear a mask in public. I’ll continue to work the IT job and write when I can. I’ll move again. Not sure when, but it’ll happen at some point. I’m currently staying with friends in MA and will shift to a room rental/house share with another friend in MA. I’m still based out of Leeds, ME and a ME resident, but I’m once again operating in nomadic mode and some of my stuff will be housed in MA. My Augusta apartment was a glorified storage unit where I sometimes slept. The place in MA will be a similar set up until I sort out my longer term living situation and buy/build a home in Maine. So if (likely WHEN) I fall off the grid again for a bit, you’ll know why. 🙂