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With my prior post being about sanity, why not add to the craziness? I brought a cat home yesterday. Given that I already have a rough and tumble Boxer, a cat would be a great addition!

Actually this cat is rather unique compared to other numerous cats I’ve met. Firstly, I like him. This is important since I’m not really a cat person. This fella was born at the barn where my horse stays, Starwalk Stables, great place. Happy horses and happy barn kitties that will crawl up your leg for some loves (fortunately the horses don’t crawl up your legs, but they are still happy).

This guy is about a year old, and yesterday we went straight from the barn to the vet, pictured above. I, nor any of the office staff, was torn to ribbons. In fact, he sat there perfectly and purred through his exam along with poking for blood work and vaccines. In the photo, I know he looks annoyed, but I just happened to catch him mid-blink.

Gorgeous green eyes on this guy. The second picture doesn’t do them justice, and I promise I’m not choking him though it may look that way. As soon as you go to touch him, he’s diving into your hand for scratches. You can even turn him on his back and scratch his chest and belly without getting eviscerated or bitten. See? Not a typical cat. Oh, and he wags his tail and purrs, scratches, and kneads like crazy. He’s only had to spit at Brae once to remind the thick-headed Boxer not to sniff him to death.

So, little guy needs a name. Post a name that I pick to be his forever name and win a prize. I have a Burnt Mountain Books prototype marketing item already ordered for printing. So the item is yours if I pick the name you suggest. Contest starts now!