The sabbatical has begun!! Last Friday I wrapped up my final day of work around noon and kicked things off by unpacking/repacking my truck. To swing three months of living on the road, I need to be organized. Plus, I needed to make room for the camping gear I was going to pull out of storage to put in the truck.

I left MA Sunday morning for ME and stopped at the storage unit to pick up the camping gear on Sunday among stormy clouds and a good dumping of rain. (It ALWAYS rains when I need to do a gear swap. ALWAYS!) This makes the stop turn into a “just grab it and throw it in the truck!” And that’s what I did. Later I met up with friends for lunch in Augusta, ME then got back on the road. I arrived at my friends’ house in Newport, ME to camp, and thankfully the rain had stopped. So I could re-sort my crap without everything getting wet. Bonus points were when my friends let me crash in their camper overnight, so I didn’t have to deal with a wet tent the next morning when I had to be up early to get back on the road.

Oh, Canada!

I arrived in Montreal Monday early evening, got checked into the AirBNB, and left to meet up with a friend. I really did get a bit lost at that point, but I eventually figured out where I needed to go.

Yesterday I met up with a local guide for a walking tour of the city which was fantastic! I found a sports bar after, relaxed, then watched some soccer. I retreated back to the AirBNB for a rest then went back out to Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica for the laser/light show inside the cathedral called Aura. This event is a MUST SEE when in Montreal. I was in awe the entire time. You can find their website here and they have a short video posted of a sample. Truly magnificent show.

The photo above is one I took before the show started. You can’t take photos while the show is in progress, but you can get some before and after.

Today is relaxing, writing, reading, watching soccer, and enjoying a semi-down time day before I start driving again tomorrow to be back in MA for the weekend then ME again next week. (I know, it’s the not the most efficient means of traveling to ping-pong back and forth south to north to south to north again, but hey, I’m on my sabbatical.) Efficiency isn’t the purpose of this break. It’s to have fun and I am doing just that!

Top photo is by me of Montreal Notre Dame in the daytime added to a Canva template (still learning how to use that software).