10-10-2013 8-53-55 PM

Over the last year, when someone has asked me what I do for fun or in my free time, I have become more and more comfortable associating the words “I write” or “I am a writer” with me as a person. I could say I was a writer, but it felt so odd to do so. It has taken some time to get used to it, but it’s something that I believe  now when I wasn’t so sure about it before.

My job, the one that pays the bills, keeps a roof over my head, and yes, still makes me happy to do it, is on the road as a consultant building electronic medical records for healthcare organizations. Flying every week is tough, but it’s manageable. The volume of new people I meet and get to know while on the road still baffles my mind. And as an extra bonus I have made new friends in various states as a direct result of consulting. Being in IT isn’t always an exciting job as say a forester or wildlife biologist in the field, but IT does have fun moments.

This week one of my IT duties was to write test scripts which are step by tedious step of how to click here, click there, and such to step another person through using the electronic system we’ve built. Writing these scripts is typically boring and somehow more fun than say shoving splinters under your fingernails. After working 10 yrs in healthcare as an ED and ICU nurse, being tasked to write these test scripts for ED nurses and docs, I knew what I needed to do. So I decided to have a little fun with the scripts.

I told a coworker “In my test scripts there will be more than one ED nurse caring for the patient, and they will be nice and help each other.”

My coworker replied with a smirk, “I thought they were supposed to be realistic.”

My answer: “I write fantasy, remember?”

We had a good laugh over this. Certainly some ED nurses can be bears, and certainly other ED nurses are fantastic. But writing these scripts was an opportunity to be bored out of my skull, or a chance to have a little fun and get creative. Plus, it was another opportunity to identify myself as a writer.  When I can merge IT work with something creative, it makes my day all that much brighter.