About the Books

Fly By

And just like that two months have flown by since my last post. It happens like that when you’re stupid busy. So now with a moment to breathe (briefly), here’s a quickie version of happenings.

Feb 8 was the talk and signing at the Bangor Public Library in Bangor, Maine. The icy weather the night before hindered travel a bit, but brave folks still turned out.

It was a load of fun, and everyone had a good time.

Work on the second book in the Echoes Trilogy is charging forward. My final draft was completed early-ish December. The editor took his magic red pen to it (late December). I finished my post-editor updates and re-read with my own red pen (January into February). And it goes next to the proofreader early March while I continue to chase down leads (started that process in January) to hire a cover artist.

In between the short lulls of activity on the second book, I’m back to chipping away at book three. If it sounds like madness, yes, it most definitely is. But this is where I thrive by having multiple balls being juggled at once. It’s fun in a rather twisted way–I do realize that fact, but I’ll take crazy busy over bored any day.