I like to do my own posts here, but as a follower of other blogs, sometimes I run across one that is just too great to not share with others that may not otherwise see it. Case in point, Seth Godin. This guy is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. I’m in the process of reading two of his books at the same time, and I read his daily posts. The post that landed in my inbox this AM, is this one.

We Don’t Care Enough to Give you Constructive Feedback

Within this post is a link to another of his posts, The Generous Skeptic.

I highly recommend giving them both a read. In fact, I highly recommend signing up for Seth’s blog.

In the course of writing, I’ve gotten that constructive feedback from others and the givers of such feedback have no idea how much it meant to me for them to take the time to talk with me about my stories and ideas in depth and pointing out both strengths and weaknesses (Joel, Rebecca, Sarah, Juan, to name a few). Certainly I expressed my gratitude to the givers, but my gratitude went much, MUCH deeper than the verbal “Thank you!” So again, thank you to all who have crossed that social boundary to give me constructive feedback. Your time, support, and caring mean so much to me.