Yep, it’s here.

Made my annual trip up to northern Maine and dragged along a pair of cousins that came up to my neck of the woods. The photo above is from along Golden Rd (or The Golden Rd) that runs between Millinocket/Baxter State Park and Greenville. It’s a 45 mile jaunt across mostly gravel road that has a laughable 45 mph speed limit. If you want your vehicle and your teeth to remain intact, 25 mph is closer to what you’re driving.

Yesterday we tackled Acadia National Park and had a great time there too. That area of the coast is a little bit behind in the leaves changing but there were still some stunning areas of color and great views of Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mtn.

So with the leaves changing now, they will be done and on the ground by the end of the week, or mostly on the ground. It’s a stunning season that you better enjoy it while it’s here because it does NOT last long.

Happy Fall, Folks!

Photo by me, Golden Rd, 2017