About the Books

Last week I stumbled upon when looking over info on indie publishing books. This site was mentioned as a place to find freelance folks that could do cover art for print books and ebooks. I poked around a bit and noticed all the animators on the site. This piqued my interest because of my own interest in animation. I signed up on the site to post a job for someone to do book cover art for me. I posted what I would pay for it and submitted the job. I had nothing to lose except time spent posting the job and waiting to see what happened. Within minutes I had offers, some bids coming in under the hourly rate I had posted. You could view the bidding artist’s portfolio and read the artist’s feedback, star rating, number of jobs hired for, and amount of money made through elance. I was highly impressed.

I found Steven J. Catizone there and he is simply amazing. Firstly, his response time was very fast to my questions. And he had a beautiful portfolio and only had the highest praise from former customers. I grabbed some screenshots off Google for what I had in mind and further described the setting and such. The original picture on the Home page (now posted below) was his first “draft” of the book cover art. For a first draft it’s pretty darn impressive. We are still working to tweak a few things here and there on it. And he’s doing a character mock up for me too. When they’re all done, I’ll get the final pics posted on this site.


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