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Concept vs Premise

I couldn’t understand why I struggled so badly to write a synopsis for book one. It’s still a work in progress, but honestly those first several tries were nothing short of painful. Everything I came up with sounded horrid. If it didn’t sound riddled with cliches, it sounded plain boring. In a word, it sucked. I don’t know how many times I re-wrote the thing and kept ending up with vanilla.

An author I connected to on LinkedIn, Joel D Canfield (Google him, he is an absolute wealth of information!), when I asked him about synopsis writing suggestions, he sent me this link:

Instead of trying to re-state everything and likely botching it, read the link for yourself and let the original author, Larry Brooks (you can Google this guy too…good stuff!), enlighten you.

I will admit I had to read this at least twice before it began to sink in (I never said I was a genius!). By the fourth or fifth read, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what I needed to do. Within a few minutes I had banged out the best synopsis I had yet been able to write. It still wasn’t perfect and needs some additional tweaks, but it was a vastly better start than what I had done previously.

So the goal of publishing is still getting closer every day. Just have a few more pieces of the puzzle to pull together then it will be time to pull the trigger and get this thing out there for readers.

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