I don’t like to create a post for my site that is just a post from another site, but I will make this exception. Today I read a brilliant post about boiling frogs. Yep, you read that correctly. I have a background in herpetology, so I love amphibians and reptiles. I’d never boil one myself, but keep reading.

The brilliant post I mention above comes from the mind of Shawn Coyne. The reason I find this post so great, is that as I start the long, difficult task of editing Do and Die, I stress over where the story is going. Do I have the right amount of tension and build up from scene to scene? Is it too complex? Is it not complex enough? You get the idea. If anyone tells you writing is easy, he is wrong. If anyone tells you editing is easy, let me know, I’ll gladly sock him in the nose for blatant lying.

I’ve spent hours working on ONE chapter. Sitting in a long layover in Detroit last night, I think I finally nailed it. But this new boiling frogs information and view of building the story gives me a new formula to use to evaluate MY story. I have printed this post and will now be dragging it through the airports with me as I do with other printed tidbits that I find too good to leave buried in my email inbox. I must print out the keepers, put them in my folder, and pull them out for review when I get stuck or stressed over a piece of writing. Every time I re-read these golden nuggets, I find myself suddenly unstuck. It’s like magic. The Boiling Frogs post is the next addition to my keepers.

Read it here:  Boiling Frogs

Photograph by me. Gray treefrog in Monroe, ME.