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Boredom is Not Allowed

I cannot claim to never be bored, but it certainly has not been an issue lately even with self-quarantine practices in place. I’m doing my part to stay home, and I’m fortunate to still be employed and able to work remotely. I’ve done remote work before, so I’m used to the routine around that process.

My biggest recommendation to people new to trying to adjust to remote work is to still wake at the same time as you would on a regular work day and get dressed. Don’t sleep in. Don’t work in your pajamas. This helps me mentally get in work mode on many different levels.

And I can’t get bored when I have plenty of book-ish things to do when I’m off work. Boredom is simply not an option. The third novel in the trilogy isn’t finished yet for a first draft. I also need to wrap up some research for that novel to enhance the world-building I’m creating for Dani and her crew for the final showdown with the Wardens.

For the first two novels, I have waded into areas of unfamiliarity that required research so I could make things more believable within the larger context of the fictional world I created. This third book has been the biggest challenge and the toughest to write from a research perspective. It’s worth it though.

World-building is a massive undertaking for any writer. Even after all the development is done for the story, the reader only gets about 10% of it. That’s not to say the reader is getting ripped off. Any more than that 10% would bog the story down. But it’s the writer’s job to make sure that 10% that the reader sees is rich, believable, and appropriate for the story. It. Is. Not. Easy.

So while I get back to my regular weekend routine of writing, enjoy the cover of the second book in the trilogy, Echoes of Darkness, and …

Be kind. Stay well. Stay home.