Echoes of Darkness


Echoes of Darkness, Book Two in the Echoes Trilogy


Releases 5 October 2020, Sonar Press. Available for Pre-Order.

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The decades-long conflict with the Wardens, the genocidal faction of alien Echoes that started the war on Earth in 2069, rages on. Dani, an Echo, fights alongside humans and other aliens against the Wardens. As the bond of her newfound family strengthens, she continues to struggle to find a viable solution to retake Boston from the Wardens.

Maine’s civilian and Commonwealth military alliance against the enemy remains intact, but Dani’s relationship with Colonel Houston becomes more strained with rouge Warden attacks, unreliable intelligence reports, and the high casualty counts that will come when they move on the enemy stronghold in the city.

Rowan’s unwavering ambition to eliminate all humans from Earth, rise within Warden ranks, and capture Dani drives him to commit treason. When Dani learns that Rowan is behind an assault in Maine that wounds and kills several people on the Commonwealth base, her well-orchestrated plan against Boston is replaced with one focused only on rescue … and revenge. 




“Campbell has created a badass female protagonist […] Dani is the hero in all of us, while also being the scared person in all of us. I loved her toughness and reluctant softness, and found myself empathizing with those who loved her, because I came to love her. I cannot wait for the next book!” 

— Geeks of Doom


“I loved the pervasive feeling of a harsh, burned world and survival on the edge. Echoes of War is engaging and thoughtful and there is a lot of action scattered throughout, helping to provide an energetic, lively pace.”

 — SF Book


“Readers who enjoy a blend of action and character exploration will eagerly anticipate the next book.” 

— Booklist 


“Perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic worlds who are looking for more of a science fiction twist.”