4-21-2014 8-10-17 PM

No blog for a couple of weeks due to work on the website and getting Do and Die up and running on Amazon and other ebook and print locations. Burnt Mountain Do and Die page is updated with links to online print and ebook sites. I’m still waiting for a box of print books to arrive so I can sign copies, but you can go ahead and pre-order if you like from the website or just shoot me an email or note through fb.

Early feedback from readers is folks are enjoying the book. If you have time to leave a review on Amazon, sweet! I’d greatly appreciate it. If you only have time to drop me a note, that works too. I’m just giddy that folks are reading and enjoying the story.

I am actively writing volume 4 and 5. I expect 4, Burnt Mountain Rhyllia, will be available in 2016 with 5, as yet untitled, coming out at most within a year of 4’s release. Stay tuned. More info to come on this series of five novels. I also plan to do more polls for reader input since folks enjoyed naming the villains in Do and Die. I have already received new character suggestions from my youngest readers, Mia and Emma of Illinois. I already know how I will incorporate two of their three new characters, so thanks for your input!