Since my last post:

The house went on the market on a Tues, showings started on Friday, same day I finished packing up and left for Boston for the weekend.

I taught my niece how to put up a tent, in the living room, much to her parents’ dismay. 😀 It was a little rainy out. Tents indoors are wicked fun!

The house went under contract on Sunday while I was flying to Baltimore. Set up residence in the hotel in MD, worked, then spent the first weekend in Charlotte for a work retreat. Went white water rafting while there (only fell in twice).  That was a freakin riot!

Returned back to MD for work and found out the entire septic system on the house was older than me and, shocker, needed to be replaced. Yay! Money pits! So while I wait for the estimate on what that will cost, I’m hanging out in MD. My work week is wrapped up, so it’s time to relax and do some writing … FINALLY!

I haven’t been able to really sit down and write for any length of time on the weekends due to trying to get my carcass out of the house and prep it for the market. This writing desert makes me cranky. So to fix the crabbiness issue, I’ll be at the keyboard this weekend working on the Forgotten Echoes sequel while the first book is with my last test reader. Coming down to the end of the tweaky edits for that book which puts it even closer to release. More on that later since I won’t be rushing it off to self-pub on Amazon like I have done before. Changing tactics on this one. 😉