Firstly, if you know what Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em means, you’ve just dated yourself. Welcome to, at least, middle age! 🙂

Last week I turned another year older, which I don’t mind, because I can’t really keep up with my age anyway. I mean, it changes every year, so it is a bit difficult to keep track. This photo was taken from the Golden Rd in the Baxter State Park area. The peak looming in the background is Mount Katahdin.

Stellar fall colors up that way last week even with overcast skies, and they’re probably mostly gone by today. Fall is brilliantly spectacular in Maine, but it doesn’t last long. The Bangor area was peaking this week, so by the time I get home next  Thursday, there might not be much left. It’s all good. I moved to Maine in 2001, so this was my 15th fall. Only one year during that time we didn’t have any colors due to a major wind storm ripping all the leaves off before they could turn. So we did have a “fall” in the sense of everything being on the ground and left with brown sticks for trees, but the colors didn’t happen.

Only one dud in 15 years, yeah, I’m OK with that.

This weekend I’m in the Boston area hanging out with friends before heading to Maryland on Monday. The cat and dog have me trained to wake up at 0500, no later than 0530, so my 0130 bedtime last night hurt. But when you go to bed hoarse and coughing from laughing so hard for so long, it’s all worth it. Here’s to another day of the same, and I’m looking forward to it.

Wee book update – the draft print is in the hands of test readers. Once I get the feedback from them, I’ll tackle the final edits (hopefully nothing major), then rock and roll with the new cover artist. If all goes well and no curve balls, this thing should be out by late November. I’m still doing the final word count contest too, so more to come on that.

Enjoy the rest of October in the mean time. I will!