So I’ve been on a wee roll about snow blowers. As luck would have it after my last post bragging on my old Toro snow blower, within 24 hours it had a major malfunction. Major malfunction in my book constitutes anything that will take more than a couple of hours to fix. I don’t have all day to spend working on this thing. Traveling Mon-Thurs, Sun-Thurs lately, my weekends are wicked short. So again, if the snow blower takes more than 2 hours to fix, I’m hosed.

I determined that the snow blower slipped the belt for the auger, so it would not chop up the snow and spit it out the shoot. Instead, I had a glorified mini snow plow and could only push the snow around. There was no way I could fix this thing quickly, and the repair shop had a 14 day wait period for repairs. So I made a pair of executive decisions.

  1. Get the snow blower repaired and sell it.
  2. Get a new snow blower.

Number 1 morphed into calling up a mechanically inclined friend, told him the problem, and said if he wanted the snow blower for tinkering, it was his for the taking. The old girl still has lots of life in her, and he wanted it. I delivered it to him that same day.

Number 2, well I’m just all squishy and giddy excited over my new beast, pictured above. The shop dropped it off, and I gave it a little test drive on the way to put it in the shed. The first thing I did was ram it into a snow bank. I mean if I’m going to test this new toy out, might as well give it the hardest job right out of the gate. Holy crap, this thing is a monster. I’ve seen snow blowers on riding tractors shoot snow 30 feet in the air, and that is a true thing of beauty. I now have one that will do the same, and I would have swooned had I not been laughing and so freakin giddy over the sight. I believe I’m in love with my new Toro.

With all the warming trends in between snow storms and upcoming deluge of rain, the snow will mostly disappear … for now. Fingers are crossed for another big dump of white stuff SOON because I can’t wait to get this baby out in the middle of it and tear it up.


Picture by me of a gorgeous new Toro 928 9HP Decimator of Snow