11-24-2014 12-24-23 PM

In keeping with the winter theme and living in the northeast, here are a few things you should know about owning and operating a snow blower before you get one. I haven’t actually read the user manual on mine, but I don’t think these tidbits are mentioned…at least not specifically. Still, they are important to note, so here ya go:

  • Frozen dog turds DO go through the snow blower.
  • Frozen dog turds are hard as rocks. They can chip paint and put eyes out when ejected from the snow blower.
  • The dog’s tennis ball left out in the snow will ALSO go through the snow blower. This is hilarious, and I highly recommend doing it at least once a month.
  • The dog’s hard chew bone toy will likely go through the snow blower…and come out in pieces if it doesn’t jam up the works. This is not as funny and not recommended at all.
  • Pointing the snow blower chute at things it shouldn’t be pointed at (like windows) will result in much swearing and cold drafts.
  • The snow blower ONLY runs out of gas at the farthest point away from the gas can. It will never ever run out next to the gas can.


Image from homedepot.com. Beautiful Toro model. My Toro is similar though not as fancy, so yes, I’m drooling.