7-29-2014 9-30-31 PM





Maine may have finally emerged from a very soggy spring to a somewhat drier version. I’m not convinced so celebrations are on hold that mud season is actually over.

For any college softball fans out there, the semi finals for the world series start this afternoon. My team, LSU, was sent packing last night. Oh well. Great games are still to be played. Guess what I’ll be watching?

In other news, as of today, I have finished the first draft of the overhaul of the first book. Just in time for the semis. Coincidence? Hardly.

Next up for writing, I’ll be starting on the new idea in my head and running the draft I just finished through Autocrit’s online editor. Love that program. It’s tedious, time consuming, and not exactly fun. It’s like doing laundry. If you want to go out in public smelling like something the dog would roll in, by all means, never wash your clothes. If you’d rather present yourself around other people and smell a bit less gamey, wash away.

Autocrit works in a similar fashion. It runs your manuscript (I tend to go in manageable chunks of chapter by chapter) through an editing washing machine to find adverbs, redundancies, overuse of words, cliches, and all that kind of crap that clogs up stories. Then I choose what goes, stays, or changes to clean things up. This creates draft #2.

Considering I started the rewrite in Jan and just finished it up, let’s say end of May (close enough), June becomes Autocrit/editing month to get it ready for the editor early August. Always something going on!

The house project, just for giggles, is still in the crazy mix. Hallway floor is still just plywood and the walls are primed. I have everything I need to get cracking on the hallway revamp. I have far more resistance to starting to sling paint on those walls than I do with sitting down to write. If you figure that one out, let me know. Maybe I can paint and listen to softball games. Maybe I can just watch the softball games. The hall isn’t going anywhere. 😉