On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, besides being a mouthful of a title for a book, is children’s book and a fantasy. I’d give it a G to PG rating because of some bad guys that might be scary for a younger reader. It’s written at a juvenile level, which is a good thing as a children’s book, but some of the words are mash ups of regular words, so they might be hard for a young reader to figure out. With critters like toothy cows and flabbits, depending on the age of the reader, the little one might need some adult help.

This book is the first in a series, and it covers a series of events for a grandfather, mother, and the three children. The older boy (Janner) is 12ish, the younger boy (Tink) is 11, and the youngest of the three, the girl (Leeli), is maybe 8ish, I forget. Much of the story focuses on the older boy’s thoughts/actions but then the story shifts to pull in the point of view of all three children with a smattering of thoughts from the mother and grandfather.

For story development and mechanics, I found the book to be a bit thin on those points. But then I know I don’t read fiction like a normal person (whatever that is). As a writer I’m reading with a different kind of brain. If the story doesn’t suck me in and keep me sucked in, I will start to pick apart the mechanics. This story didn’t suck me in.

For children, I think this is a perfectly acceptable read and fun story for them. They won’t give a hoot about story mechanics. It’s an entertaining read for a youngster with lots of things going on with twists in the story line. For kids, I recommend this story. If you’re an adult looking for an easy read, this fits the bill. If you’re an adult looking for a story with some meat to it, keep looking.